About this Course

Centricity RIS-IC 10.7 Custom Reporting with Crystal Reports Part 2

This self-paced course teaches participants to create reports based primarily on standard reports delivered with the Centricity RIS-IC application. In addition to working with custom functions, variables, and sub-reports, participants learn about formulas and how to create reports that use multiple Centricity RIS-IC user views.


By the completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Add formulas to a report.
  • Create inner and left outer joins between views.
  • Utilize existing Centricity RIS-IC report templates to build new reports.
  • Work with local variables in formulas.
  • Utilize a subreport and work with provider address views.
  • Show the SQL query sent by Crystal Reports.
  • Create a form and attach it to a demand print trigger.


Before enrolling in this course, you should have completed the Centricity RIS-IC Custom Reporting with Crystal Reports™ Part 1 or have equivalent knowledge.

How To Take

This course is available through the Healthcare Learning System (http://hls.gehealthcare.com). Search for and complete course ID CRYCA200.

This course is available from the following learning managment system(s):

Actions LMS Course ID Delivery Method Contact Hours
Healthcare Learning System CRYCA200 Self-Paced 10.0


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ICTRAINGROUPC 3500.0 0.0 0.0