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Centricity Universal Viewer with CPACS Foundation - Study List (Net New) for Super Users

Curriculum ID: N21-0000003
Actions Course Title Course ID Order Catalog Pricing
*Hands-on Lab Preparation Course LBPREP101 1 NOT APPLICABLE 0
Centricity Universal Viewer Super User Workflow Training for the CPACS Foundation - Study List (Prework) UNVCA154 2 K2400JK 1500
Centricity Exam Manager EXMCC102 3 K2400JK 1500
Centricity Universal Viewer Zero Footprint Client DICOM Viewer Features UNVCC105 4 K2400JK 1500
Centricity Radiology RA600 Basics RA6CC100 5 P2400JK, K2400JK 1500, 1500
Centricity Radiology RA600 Quality Control Module RA6CC104 6 P2400JK, K2400JK 1500, 1500
Centricity Universal Viewer Cross Enterprise Display (XED) Product Overview UNVCC102 7 NOT APPLICABLE 0